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Research in Schools

Interested in doing research with the area school disricts?  Great!

1. Connect with the Center for Community Engagement to walk you through the process.  We will work with you to Identify a potential school partner that is appropriate age, content, burden on the district, and other influencing variables.

2. Get to know the Bethlehem Area School District (BASD), Allentown School District (ASD), and Easton Area School District (EASD).

3. If you are working with the Bethlehem Area School District, make sure that your work and goals aling with the BASD Roadmap to Educational Excellence

4. Fill out the research proposal form for review by the school district administrators.  In the case of BASD, we have a process by which researchers submit a proposal, it is reviewed by Dr. Jack Silva, Assistant Superintendent, and Dr. Sarah Stanlick, Center for Community Engagement.

5. If this is deemed appropropriate, supportable, and in the mutual interest of the school district, a final meeting will be scheduled with the researcher to review and decide next steps.

No matter where you research, the values and approach should be driven by community voice, reciprocity, empowerment, and meaning.