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Engaged Research

The Lehigh University Center for Community Engagement (CCE) assists Lehigh’s faculty develop capacity, skills, and resources for community-engaged research.  We are a connector, a partner, and support for work, as well as a tool for assessment and evaluation of such work's success for the larger common good and for our ability to advance a community-engaged research footprint for the university.

What is Community-Engaged Research/Learning?

Community engaged research (CEnR) is a process that is collaborative that teams researchers and community partners in a way that generates and disseminates new knowledge to strengthen the community and enhance the wellbeing of community members.  CEnR identifies the assets of all stakeholders and incorporates them in the design and conduct of the different phases of the research process.

What does the CCE do to Support this work?

  • Offer professional development workshops at no/minimal cost to community partners on values-engaged assessment,  service learning, community-engaged research, ethical community engagement, and civic engagement
  •  Work with on-campus partners to help strategically plan engagement into their majors, research, and divisions
  • Provide strategic planning assistance on partner projects
  • Work with grant seekers (e.g. NSF, NEH) to craft language about broader impacts and/or common good
  • Connect resources (human, material, and financial) to support community-engaged work. This includes leveraging and connecting Lehigh resources for maximum value and impact.
  • Evaluate and assess community engagement projects.
  • Maintain database of university-based community projects.
  • Be a sounding board and strategic planning partners for community-engaged initiatives in their early stages.
  • Provide/facilitate community partner connections.

What resources do you recommend to get started with Community-Engaged Research?

Check out our Lehigh Library Guide on Community-Engaged Learning and Research: