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High School Scholars


To provide additional incentive and motivation for talented students towards college careers and advanced study. To establish closer ties with Lehigh University and the surrounding high schools. To provide an opportunity for Lehigh University faculty and staff to become better acquainted with the needs and interests of high school students, as well as those of high school teachers and staff members in the community.

This program provides an opportunity for talented rising senior students to take courses at Lehigh University that their high schools may not offer.

Program Conditions

Admission is not guaranteed to any nominee. The admitted scholar shall select up to 3 courses of their preference from the list of available courses. This list will be made available in late August to students who have been admitted to the High School Scholars program.
Course availability, to be determined by the departmental chairperson, will depend on space in the class and on the course level. Availability of any specific course cannot be guaranteed at the time of application. Once admitted, the student will be guaranteed a place in a course.

Program Expectation

The student will be expected to complete all course work and will receive a grade in the course. The student will also be expected to adhere to all attendance policies as specified by the course instructor. Pass/fail or course auditing does not apply to this program. Credits earned through this program will count towards Lehigh University graduation requirements if the student later is admitted and attends Lehigh as an undergraduate. There are no guarantees that other institutions will accept the credits.
Upon written request, an official transcript of the grade and credit earned in the course will be provided for students by the Registrar. The same university policies applies to such request as currently in place for regular university students. Please be advised that a scholar’s academic performance while in the program will affect their GPA should they later be admitted to Lehigh as a full-time student after high school.

A mandatory orientation meeting for students and parents participating in the program will be held prior to the beginning of each semester. At this meeting, conditions of the program will be reviewed and questions will be answered. Specific information will be provided in a letter to students accepted into the program.  All students must be enrolled as a full-time student at their respective high schools.


Homeschooled students are welcome to apply to this program.  Please contact us at

High School Scholars Orientation

Orientation is held for each incoming cohort of High School Scholars to prepare them for navigating campus, understanding campus resources, and to prepare students to thrive during their course on campus.  Topics covered include navigating the libraries, using our online course management systems, academic integrity, and preparing for college application.