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Intellectual Vibrancy

What does intellectual vibrancy mean?

Intellectual vibrancy for our campus and community through creation of knowledge together is central to our mission.  We support not the uni-directional dissemination of knowledge "to" the community, but rather see the university as part of a community of scholars in and outside the bounds of Lehigh.


  • Partner on public-facing programming such as the annual Community Engagement Symposium
  • Help faculty plan outreach programming to disseminate and connect their research to the public
  • Host speakers on campus that are open to the public
  • Create spaces for dialogue and discussion about critical topics (e.g. the Finding Our Thread series in partnership with PBS39)
  • Publishing research that is co-authored with our community partners
  • Connection nationally and internationally on research, talks, and presentations (e.g. the SLCE Future Directions Project)