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Current Projects

Many of our partners ask "What does a good community-based learning or research project look like?"  The answer is complex, but ultimately we support projects that are reciprocal, ethical, meaningful and planned in accordance with the vision of a collaborative community partnership.

All-In Challenge

The Party Responsibly capstone project - comprised of students in Lehigh University’s Global Citizenship Program—aims to create a more civically minded Lehigh population through political engagement of the community.

Refugee Resettlement in the Lehigh Valley

Since 2010, Lehigh's Global Citizenship Program and the Director of the Center For Community Engagement have worked with Marla Sell, Site Director for refugee resettlement in the Lehigh Valley.  From Catholic Charities to Lutheran Child and Family Services to Bethany Christian Services, Marla has been a constant despite the changing landscape of resettlement agencies.  Through a variety of service-learning and community-based learning initiatives, we have partnered on cultural exchange activities, workshops to help with integration and support for refugee families, and storytelling efforts


CivLab is a suite of complementary projects and design-thinking that revolve around the concepts of citizenship, civics, and engagement.  The purpose of this suite of projects is to tie together the idea of citizenship as a verb, an active process meant to develop and be practiced continuously.  Further, we believe in exercising the the idea of a citizen across disciplinary boundaries, and seek to imbue entrepreneurial thinking in students and scholars who seek to promote positive social change in communitie

Community-Engaged Health Research Fellows

In Spring 2017, we welcomed our first cohort of CEnHR Fellows.  Through the Community-Engaged Health Research Fellowship program we aim to significantly enhance the capacity of Lehigh faculty to conduct research that involves direct, reciprocal community engagement in the realm of health and to offer high quality service-learning experiences for students. The program is open to all members of the faculty.