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CivLab is a suite of complementary projects and design-thinking that revolve around the concepts of citizenship, civics, and engagement.  The purpose of this suite of projects is to tie together the idea of citizenship as a verb, an active process meant to develop and be practiced continuously.  Further, we believe in exercising the the idea of a citizen across disciplinary boundaries, and seek to imbue entrepreneurial thinking in students and scholars who seek to promote positive social change in communities.  Being a citizen is not simply a social studies or political science endeavor, but rather a part of a considered professional and personal life.  From disciplines that draw from social science, humanities, science, and engineering, the projects are meant to complement each other in their focus on scholarly inquiry for the greater good, and the development of student civic agency in order to foster lifelong citizen identity.

This year, the Center for Community Engagement is partnering with the Baker Institute to host CivLab in The Hatchery, an immersive, full time learning experience where participants apply design thinking and lean startup methods to develop solutions to big problems and test potential business ideas. We want students who are passionate about learning the foundational skills of entrepreneurship while working on problems that matter.