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Engagement @ Lehigh

The Center for Community Engagement works across all colleges, divisions, departments, as well as serving as a bridge between community partners and Lehigh.  The CCE functions as an essential partner for those looking to start or deepen their engagement work, and can be a resource to help advocate and resource meaningful work that empowers and transforms.

Part of the mission of the Center for Community Engagement focuses on empowering facuty, staff, community members, and students to engage in transformative, empowering, and high-quality partnerships.  With that in mind, stakeholders are often coming to this work in different ways that demand different types of support, preparation, or planning.  The following is a bit about our core objectives and the ways in which we do our work

Core Objectives

  1. To support collaborative university-community partnerships built on trust and reciprocity.
  2. To promote, support, conduct, and disseminate research and creation of new knowledge/best practices through and on community-engaged research.
  3. To develop and implement a model of best practices for the university in its pursuit of positive, reciprocal community engagement and scholarship.
  4. To connect, value, and respect the knowledge and expertise that exists within Lehigh and our community partners.
  5. To be intentional in our engagement and value of diverse perspectives and experiences.

How We Work

Four Roles of CCE: Advocacy and Support, Research, Capacity-Building, Strategic Building