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All-In Challenge

The Party Responsibly capstone project - comprised of students in Lehigh University’s Global Citizenship Program—aims to create a more civically minded Lehigh population through political engagement of the community. This year, our capstone team focused on the midterm election in November and continues to create the foundation for greater political engagement in the coming years, including increasing voter turnout among students.  With this in mind, we joined the national All-In Campus Democracy Challenge who "strives for a more inclusive democracy—one in which all voices are heard. We envision a country in which the electorate mirrors our country’s makeup and college students are democratically engaged on an ongoing basis, during and between elections, and not just at the polls."

Main Objectives for 2018-2019 Academic Year:

  1. Facilitate the creation of a Lehigh branch of the All In Project to increase voter participation on Lehigh’s campus for the 2018 midterm election, specifically.

  2. Create a needs assessment of Lehigh University’s voting culture, attitudes, and practices.

  3. Create long term, sustainable initiatives to improve voting culture and practices with the help of our Board of Advisors.

Student Leaders: Musa Jamshed, Ellen Everett McCormick, Thomas Vanier (Lehigh University Global Citizenship Program)

Faculty Lead: Sarah Stanlick (Lehigh University Center for Community Engagement, Lehigh University Department of Sociology and Anthropology)
Advocacy Board:
  • Musa Jamshed, Everett McCormick, Tommy Vanier (Student Leaders)

  • Sarah Stanlick, Director, Center for Community Engagement and Faculty, Sociology and Anthropology

  • Aarsenio Perry, Assistant Dean & Director, Office of Student Engagement

  • Carolina Hernandez, Assistant Dean & Director, Community Service Office

  • Erik Walker, Chief of Staff, President's Office

  • Holona Ochs, Faculty, Political Science

  • Jeremy Littau, Faculty, Journalism

  • Ric Hall, Vice President, Student Affairs