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Refugee Resettlement in the Lehigh Valley

Since 2010, Lehigh's Global Citizenship Program and the Director of the Center For Community Engagement have worked with Marla Sell, Site Director for refugee resettlement in the Lehigh Valley.  From Catholic Charities to Lutheran Child and Family Services to Bethany Christian Services, Marla has been a constant despite the changing landscape of resettlement agencies.  Through a variety of service-learning and community-based learning initiatives, we have partnered on cultural exchange activities, workshops to help with integration and support for refugee families, and storytelling efforts to engage the wider community in welcoming our new neighbors.

An example of that effort can be seen in this short documentary, a Senior GC Capstone Project, called "Starting Over: The Stories of the Refugees in the Lehigh Valley", as well as internships and project-based learning currently in progress.  Want to learn more?  Check out this short write-up on current initiatives on